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Kim Kardashian Attacks Khloe: Kim Shouldn?t Kick Sis When She?s Down - Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian Attacks Khloe Its no wonder that Khloe sarcastically responds by saying, Im a miserable person who takes selfies all day long. Kim, now is the time when you need to be the most steadfast supporter of your sister Khloe! Khloe is absolutely the heart of your family. She is the one who worries and cares about everyone. Shes the one who is trying so hard to help your brother, Rob Kardashian , through his own heart-rending struggles .Shes doing this now, even while shes been struggling herself. Kim, it was so wrong of you to kick her while shes down. You owe her an apology! Dont you agree,HollywoodLifers?

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