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Kim Kardashian Is ?not? Pregnant: Rep | Page Six

A rep for Kim Kardashian adamantly denied that the reality star is pregnant, even though Kardashianappearedto let it slip recentlythat shes expecting baby No. 2. She is not pregnant, Kardashians rep told Page Six on Thursday. During a new interview with the YouTube beauty channel Pixiwoo , Kardashiansaid her maternity style this time around might be different,raising eyebrows that shespregnant withher second child. While expectingdaughter North Wes t, Kardashian said,I wore my regular clothes and tried to I just would buy a size up. I dont know if I would necessarily do it this time around, she said, before appearing to get a bitflustered and then continuing her chat about maternity-wear. If and when Kardashian, 34, and hubby Kanye West, 37, welcome another child, he or she will certainly be a stylish one. One-year-old North sat front-rowat the Givenchy and Balenciaga shows during Paris Fashion Week this yearand has a wardrobe that most adults would envy .

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